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The Cat Videos app is coming soon!

If you are a video producer of Cat Video content we would like to talk.


Exclusive Content and Features

The Cat Videos app will have original content and features, celebrity cats and modern cat culture, cat health, big cats, and so much more! We will keep you up on cat news and you’ll be able to learn from documentaries and features, or just enjoy cats in their splendor.

We were there…. We’re creating our own.

LIVE film festivals with live music! …just not live cats at the festivals - it’s too loud for them!!

Cat Videos Film Festival - Minnesota State Fair

Cat Videos Film Festival - Minnesota State Fair

Want to enjoy cat culture up close and in-person? The Cat Videos App will be your guide to exciting and interesting events in your area and beyond. Cat Shows, Meet-ups, Cat Cafes, and Film Festivals will be here to browse, get tickets and directions too!
Share your love for cats with others’ around the world.

The world famous Grumpy Cat

The world famous Grumpy Cat

We look forward to seeing your Cat Videos!



We have created various Channels within the Cat Videos app. Do you have a suggestion for a new Channel? All of our channel content is curated for quality and is completely kid-safe, so feel free to share the app with friends and family with confidence.


Cat news

You’ll receive the latest in cat news from all over the world, collected here for your convenience.

Big Cats

Here’s a channel for the biggest, wildest, and most noble cats of all. Watch documentaries and features from our partners at Panthera, who are on a mission to preserve big cats all over the globe.

Cat Health

Keep your cat (or cats) in top health with the our cat health channel. Veternarians and other cat health experts give you valuable tips and techniques to keep your feline friends at their best health.


This channel will be yours - literally. Collect your favorite videos from all our channels into a single, easy to access home.

Get Involved

Learn about all the great causes and projects that help rescue and protect cats everywhere. Find out how to get involved and be a part of a great cause.

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